Send OTP to Signatory Email API

This API is used to send OTP to the signatory email, and this OTP is used by the E-Sign Merged Agreement API to sign the document. This API sends both mobile and email OTP, where the mobile number is the merchant’s registered mobile number.  For more information on the E-Sign Merged Agreement API, refer to E-Sign Merchant Agreement API.


Test Environment
Production Environment

Request Headers



The access token with the scope as client_manage_agreement is required on the header. For more information on getting the access token, refer to Get Token API.

AuthorizationBearer {{access_token}}

Sample Request

curl --location --request GET '{{onboarding_url}}/api/v1/merchants/{{merchant_uuid}}/generate_merged_document_for_esign' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}'

Where {{onboarding_url}} is substituted with the URL specified in the Test or Production environment as mentioned in the Environment section.

Sample Response

Success Scenario

Successful response

  "otp": {
    "message": "sent"

Failure Scenarios

  • Unauthorized response

Unauthorized response

  "status": "Unauthorized"
  • Merchant is not found with the given merchant_uuid

Agreement not found

  "status": "NotFound"
  • KYC document not found with the given merged_document_uuid
  "status": "NotFound"