Refresh Token API - Payouts

This API used to refresh the validity of token which is already generated



Request parameters

client_id mandatoryStringThis parameter will contain the public Client ID which is identical for and used by all Payouts Merchants. For getting your client_id , refer to Get Client ID and Secret from Dashboard. 
grant_type mandatoryStringThis parameter will contain the grant type and for this API, it is refresn_token.refresh_token
StringRefresh Token received in Authentication Token Generation APIs. 

Sample request

curl -X POST \ \
 -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
 -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
 -d 'grant_type=refresh_token&client_id=6f8bb4951e030d4d7349e64a144a534778673585f86039617c167166e9154f7e&refresh_token=ff8e094ecfa11fb390931f779ae62c0836f97bbaedcf5551c88eff826da3239a'

Response parameters

access_tokenIndicates the Security Token used to get access in Payouts API calls.
token_typeType of authorization token
expire_inIndicates the TTL i.e., the time limit (in seconds) after which the Security Token will expire
refresh_tokenUsed to refresh the access_token. To know more, read Refresh Token section
scopeRepresents the allowed scopes in generated security token. For e.g., the generated token can be used only for Payouts API requests
created_atIndicates the Time of Creation in milliseconds
user_uuidIndicates the Unique Identifier for the user.

Sample response

 "access_token": "581b0657b38a56bb4296f774852f208f6d84a23d8f1bf61c63c15de60d43ee76",
 "token_type": "Bearer",
 "expires_in": 7199,
 "refresh_token": "ff8e094ecfa11fb390931f779ae62c0836f97bbaedcf5551c88eff826da3239a",
 "scope": "create_payout_transactions",
 "created_at": 1585216027,
 "user_uuid": "11e8-5a8f-05faaaa4-84a5-020d245326e4"