Get User Cards API

API Command: get_user_cards

Use the Get User Cards API to get the card details of a customer in Model 2.



While PayU token is sent in payment response, the network/issuer token creation may fail. In this case, the subsequent transaction with the said PayU token may fail. Merchant can do a get_user_cards API to fetch only active/tokenized cards or listen to notification API (to be published) to maintain state at your end.

The Get User Cards API (get_user_cards) is used to fetch all the cards for a customer which were saved earlier. In this API, the card number and other sensitive information are not returned.



Sample request
curl --request POST \
     --url '' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
     --header 'accept: text/html; charset=UTF-8' \
     --data key=JPM7Fg \
     --data command=get_user_cards \
     --data var1=JPM7Fg:abc \
     --data hash=3cba79d881a4f82daed99241d60142b1c6816b3c16c96f5a2d1cf2a09910a2e1eb440a5d70ffd232ef80cf9207f9e90378db43ad76f9f545e9dd3a3692c2de18
Sample response
  • Cards are found in the vault for PCI Compliant Merchants
    "status": 1,
    "msg": "Cards fetched Succesfully",
    "user_cards": {
        "0c186bdb8c0ebda30ab9d92816772cbfb946d027": {
            "card_no": "XXXXXXXXXXXX8548",
            "card_token": "0c186bdbXXXbda3XXXd92816772cbXXX46d027",
            "card_name": "nilesh2_card_name",
            "card_mode": "CC",
            "card_PAR": "RCKGgxEEFX1un19I",
            "card_type": "VISA",
            "issuer_token": {
                "token_value": "8koNvAdC1bT0Hv5a",
                "is_expired": 0,
                "token_exp_mon": "11",
                "token_exp_yr": "2021",
                "token_bin": "123456"
            "network_token": {
                "token_value": "8koNvAdC1bT0Hv5a",
                "is_expired": 0,
                "token_exp_mon": "11",
                "token_exp_yr": "2021",
                "token_bin": "512345"
  • Response for Non-PCI Compliant Merchants
    "msg": "Cards fetched Succesfully",
    "status": 1,
    "user_cards": {
        "9e299603hd4g7201b9cf6": {
            "one_click_status": "",
            "one_click_flow": "",
            "card_type": "MAST",
            "expiry_year": "2024",
            "isDomestic": "Y",
            "issuer_name": null,
            "expiry_month": "02",
            "card_mode": "DC",
            "is_expired": "0",
            "card_cvv": 1,
            "card_no": "XXXXXXXXXXXX81",
            "one_click_card_alias": "",
            "card_token": "9e299603hd4g7201b9cf6",
            "card_name": "MASTERCARD****7781",
            "card_brand": "MAST",
            "name_on_card": "TEST",
            "card_bin": "519950"
  • No cards are found for the user
"status": 0
"msg": Card not found.
Response parameters
statusThe status of the response can be any of the following:
1: Success

2: Failure
msgThe description of the response whether the card details were stored successfully or not stored.Cards fetched Succesfully
user_cards(JSON format) | The details are sent by PayU in JSON format for the successful response. For more information, refer to the next table.Refer the sample response.

The details on the JSON format for a successful response is described in the following table:

JSON FieldDescriptionExample
card_nameNote: This parameter has been deprecated.NA
card_typeThis field returns the card type code. For the list of card type codes, refer to Card Type Codes and Supported Banks for Cards.CC
card_tokenThis field returns the PayU Token for the card.745d72e2fXXX7e88824fef4e7ed7dXXXfe624b7
network_tokenThis field returns the details of the network token in a JSON format."token_value": "51XXX56789012346",

"is_expired": 0,

"token_exp_mon": "11",

"token_exp_yr": "2021",

"token_bin": "512345"

issuer_tokenThis field returns the details of the issuer token in a JSON format.{

"token_value": "51XXX567890XXX46",

"is_expired": 0,

"token_exp_mon": "11",

"token_exp_yr": "2021",

"token_bin": "512345"

is_expiredThis field returns any of the following values to signify whether the card is active or not:
1: Card has expired

0: Card is active
card_modeThis field returns the card mode.CC
card_noThis field returns a masked card number with only the last four digits.xxxxxxxxxxxx2356
card_brandThis field returns the card brand.VISA
card_binNote: This parameter has been deprecated.NA
token_binThis field returns the token bin information of respective token type (network or issuer).123456
card_PARThis field returns the PAR (Payment Account Reference). This is a unique identity for the card across all the tokens. Typically, this will be used for offers and risk checks.abcdefgh123456789123456789fgh
card_metadataThis field returns the JSON object with all the metadata and card art.
token_exp_yrThis field returns the expiry year of the network token.2022
token_exp_monThis field returns the expiry month of the network token.10
token_valueThe field returns the value of the network or issuer token.51XXX5678XXX2346

Request parameters

Reference info for request parameters
keyFor more information on how to generate the Key and Salt, refer to any of the following:

- Production: Generate Merchant Key and Salt

- Test: Generate Test Merchant Key and Salt
hashHash logic for this API is:
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