Refund ARN Callback

For every online transaction, an Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number is generated by the bank. This ARN is generated within 24-72 business hours of initiating the refund.

A callback for the successful upload of ARN will be made on the URL configured on the merchant. The callback will be made in bulk and will have multiple entries in a single response

Sample callback

{ "4e5c7c09c5978c5b1b84": [ { "PayuID": "7043873219", "RequestID": "6582898821", "RefundToken": "​R003242NFE2AHF​", "PaymentGateway": "testbank", "Amount": "1.02", "Status": "success", "RefundCreationDate": "2019-05-27 12:37:43", "bank_ref_no": "F003126447", "bank_arn": "0077525212", "success_at": "2019-05-27 12:39:12", "BaseTxnID": null } ], "35085795": [ { "PayuID": "7502527909", "RequestID": "5690318601", "RefundToken": "35086046", "PaymentGateway": "KOTAK_NB", "Amount": "1416.00", "Status": "success", "RefundCreationDate": "2019-05-27 19:09:49", "bank_ref_no": "F002960758", "bank_arn": "0084129821", "success_at": "2019-05-27 19:10:20", "BaseTxnID": null } ]}

Callback parameters

KeyDescriptionSource Data
Transaction IDMerchant’s sale transaction ID4e5c7c09c5978c5b1b84
PayuIDID generated by PayU and remains same7043873219
RequestIDUnique refund ID generated by PayU6582898821
RefundTokenUnique refund transaction ID provided by merchant 
AmountRefunded Amount1.02
RefundCreationDateThe refund creation request date2019-05-27 12:37:43
bank_ref_noBank reference numberF002960758
bank_arnReference number for refund tracking0084129821
success_atRefund success date2019-05-27 19:10:20