Get Circle List API

The Get Circle List API gets a list of all the available circles. There is no change in this API from v1 other than the endpoint.


Test Environment .
Production EnvironmentContact your Account Manager to get access to the production environment



This API requires an access token using the Get Token API with the scope as read_circles. For more information, refer to Get Token API.

Sample request
curl --location -g --request GET ' https:///payu-nbc/v2/nbc/getCircleList'  \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}'
Response parameters
Field NameDescription
codeThe global response code and can be any of the following:

- 0: If web service call failed
- 1: if web service call succeeded
statusThe status of the API command and can be any of the following:

payloadIt will contain a list of biller categories. For more information, refer to the payload table.


The payload parameter contains the values in a JSON format are described in the following table:

Success Scenario
circlesInfoThis field contains the following set of values for each circle in an JSON array format:

- circleRefID: Contains the circle reference ID.
- circleName: Contains the circle name
Failure Scenario
refIdFor failure scenarios, this parameter contains the reference ID.
typeThis field contains the value as circle_list_info for this API.
errorFor failure scenarios, this field contains the error message in an array format.
messageThis field contains the message type as circle_fetch_request_failed for this API.
additionalParamsFor failure scenarios, this field contains the additional fields related to billers in an array format. If there is no any additional info, it will be null. 
Sample response

Success scenario


Failure scenario

            "reason":"<error Message>",
            "errorCode":"<Error Code>"

Request parameters

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