Submit OTP API

After collecting the OTP from your customer on the payment page, submit the OTP to PayU by using this API.

You must pass the reference id of the corresponding transaction along with other parameters (see request parameters) in the request body of the Submit OTP API.



To find the reference id, see the response of the initiate transaction request of the corresponding transaction.



Test Environment
Production Environment

Request parameters

String Pass the ID returned in the response of the transaction request.bbed416d21dda9941a90cc72819c5b52
String If the transaction request returns parameter such as tncUrl and tncText that indicates that the merchant need to collect the consent from the customer. In such cases, collect the customer's consent and pass the value as 1.1
String You must pass {"payuPureS2S":"1"} as the value of this parameter.{"payuPureS2S":"1"}
String The OTP collected from the customer that they receive from the bank.345635

Sample request

Without consent

curl --location --request POST '' \ 
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ 
--header 'Cookie: PHPSESSID=ef4510abes5uo7ephv7o20ossc; PHPSESSID=63fefa045789a' \ 
--data-urlencode 'referenceId=42df570fa8c4d9de6209a71970acb661' \ 
--data-urlencode 'otp=725356' \ 

With consent

Certain issuers require their customer to provide consent while authorizing a transaction. For such issuers, you need to capture your customer’s consent and pass them to PayU using the Submit OTP API.

curl --location --request POST '' \ 
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ 
--header 'Cookie: PHPSESSID=ef4510abes5uo7ephv7o20ossc; PHPSESSID=63fefa045789a' \ 
--data-urlencode 'referenceId=42df570fa8c4d9de6209a71970acb661' \ 
--data-urlencode 'otp=725356' \ 
--data-urlencode 'consent=1' 



If you fail to collect and send the consent with the Submit OTP API, the transaction will remain in an In Progress state.

Sample response

Based on the type of request sent (with consent/without consent) you may receive the following responses from PayU:

Submit OTP success


    "metaData": { 
        "message": "No Error", 
        "referenceId": "6a037a290af9253a1d300c8ad0b24c94", 
        "statusCode": "E000", 
        "txnId": "5b7d06c6bf7d4dc2d3a8", 
        "unmappedStatus": "success", 
        "submitOtp": { 
            "status": "success" 
    "result": { 
        "mihpayid": "999000000000582", 
        "mode": "BNPL", 
        "status": "success", 
        "key": "KOEfPI", 
        "txnid": "5b7d06c6bf7d4dc2d3a8", 
        "amount": "2.00", 
        "addedon": "2022-12-27 16:24:53", 
        "productinfo": "Product Info", 
        "firstname": "Payu-Admin", 
        "lastname": "", 
        "address1": "", 
        "address2": "", 
        "city": "", 
        "state": "", 
        "country": "", 
        "zipcode": "", 
        "email": "[email protected]", 
        "phone": "9205845755", 
        "udf1": "", 
        "udf2": "", 
        "udf3": "", 
        "udf4": "1672138493180012pass123", 
        "udf5": "", 
        "udf6": "", 
        "udf7": "", 
        "udf8": "", 
        "udf9": "", 
        "udf10": "",  
        "card_token": "", 
        "card_no": "", 
        "field0": "", 
        "field1": "9205845755", 
        "field2": "EMI210142576638888947", 
        "field3": "", 
        "field4": "Transaction is successful", 
        "field5": "", 
        "field6": "", 
        "field7": "PAYMENT_SUCCESSFUL", 
        "field8": "SUCCESS", 
        "field9": "Transaction is successful", 
        "payment_source": "payuPureS2S", 
        "PG_TYPE": "BNPL-PG", 
        "error": "E000", 
        "error_Message": "No Error", 
        "net_amount_debit": "2", 
        "discount": "0.00", 
        "offer_key": "", 
        "offer_availed": "", 
        "unmappedstatus": "captured", 
        "hash": "781e999b0e7944a91815434d8429ade60882173702211453f7ee3772417009121c67f08a085c450787e1597700334b75477e6b3574cd84e9e4ffb18171183ab5", 
        "bank_ref_no": "TXN1288577", 
        "bank_ref_num": "TXN1288577", 
        "bankcode": "LAZYPAY", 
        "surl": "", 
        "curl": "", 
        "furl": "" 

Consent required but not sent

    "metaData": { 
        "message": "Consent not given by the customer for Terms & Conditions", 
        "referenceId": "4f3c09ffe3e9756cb95d7e144469d6d5", 
        "txnId": "N4SH5OrRY2", 
        "unmappedStatus": "in progress" 
    "result": null 

Submit OTP failed

    "metaData": { 
        "message": "Unauthorized", 
        "referenceId": "ac2155676982514fd2e3199e83a9c9ec", 
        "txnId": "ad5a54b6af3e52ab24d6", 
        "unmappedStatus": "in progress", 
        "submitOtp": { 
            "status": "in progress", 
            "retryAttemptCount": "2" 
    "result": null 



  • In case of a failed response the retryAttemptCount parameter indicates the number of retries left for OTP submission. In the above-failed response scenario, the "retryAttemptCount": "2" indicates that the customer can retry the OTP submission twice.
  • If the customer enters an incorrect OTP or it had expired, you need to use the Resend OTP API to resend the OTP. With each retry, you need to submit the OTP using the Submit OTP API described in this section. For more information on Resend OTP API, refer to Resend OTP API