Error Codes for Refund Initiation

The following are possible errors and error codes for transaction initiation.

100SUCCESSRefund Successful
101PENDINGRefund Successful
102QUEUEDRefund Queued
103REJECTRequest rejected on reconfirmation
104RECONFIRMConfirmation Required
105FAILUREInvalid Amount
106FAILUREToken already exists
107FAILUREUpgraded to refund, //only in case of Citi cancel failure
109FAILUREThe request is already logged
110FAILUREMore than one partial refund of Maestro transactions are not allowed
111FAILUREInvalid transaction status
113FAILUREInvalid Amount – Chargeback of amount 20.00 present, the remaining refundable amount is 50.00
115FAILUREInvalid status to be uploaded
116FAILURETransaction not found
117FAILUREThe amount does not match
119FAILURENo such Request Found
120FAILURETransaction lock could not be obtained
123FAILUREThe request set as pending – requires manual follow-up
214FAILURESame amount same transaction within 5 minutes
225PENDINGOverdraft has occurred. Kindly recheck the status tomorrow
226PENDINGCapture has been initiated today. Please check for refund status tomorrow
227FAILURETransactions with the same amount and same token are not allowed
230FAILUREFAILURE – Purged Transaction. Refund request requires manual follow-up
231FAILUREHold settlement
232FAILUREFAILURE – Refund could not be initiated. Either refunds are not supported or need manual intervention
233FAILUREBLOCKED – Refund/Cancel Blocked From Merchant Panel. Contact KM.
234FAILUREBLOCKED – Refund/Cancel Blocked From Merchant Panel And API. Contact KM.
235FAILUREBLOCKED – Refund/Cancel Blocked. Contact KM.
237FAILUREValidation Failure for {key_name}. Special Characters Not Allowed
238FAILUREValidation Failure for {key_name}. Mandatory Field.
239FAILUREAPI-based alternate instant refunds not activated.
250FAILUREFAILURE – Refund Failed On Uploading Successful Chargeback
251FAILURERefund Blocked for this PGMID by Bank
301FAILUREFAILURE – Capture already successful for this transaction
302FAILUREFAILURE – Please try after some time
303FAILUREFAILURE – Amount greater than the maximum capturable amount
304FAILUREFAILURE – Amount less than allowed
305FAILUREFAILURE – Amount more than allowed
306FAILUREFAILURE – Invalid amount tolerance configuration
424FAILUREFAILURE – Transaction upgraded to capture/refund.
500FAILURESome Exception Occurred
501FAILURESuccessfully Updated,//used in case of updating refunds thru file
502FAILUREFailed to update