Additional Info for General APIs

JSON Field description for transaction_details parameter

The transaction_details parameter of the response is in JSON format for the Check Refund Status with Request ID/PayU ID, Get Transaction Details APIs, or Verify Payment APIs. The fields in this JSON are described in the following table:

JSON ParameterDescriptionExample
mihpayupidThis parameter contains a unique reference number created for each transaction at PayU’s end. You must note this transaction ID as this will be used as a reference for all the future actions on this transaction like Inquiry or Refund.403993715521937565
bank_ref_numFor each successful transaction – this parameter contains the bank reference number generated by the bank.527013524405
request_idThis parameter contains the request ID value posted by the merchant during the transaction request.131278422
amtThis parameter contains the original amount which was sent in the transaction request by the merchant.10.00
modeThis parameter contains the mode of the transaction such as credit card, debit card, etc. For more information, refer to Payment Mode Codes.CC
actionThis parameter contains action taken on the transaction. The action can be any of the following:
* cancel
tokenThis parameter contains the Token ID (unique token from the merchant) for the refund request.20201105secrettokenatur
statusThis parameter contains the status and can be any of the following:
0 - If web service call failed.
1 - If web service call succeeded
bank_arnThis parameter contains the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number is generated by the bank. This ARN is generated within 24-72 business hours of initiating the refund.74799877002005071918062
settlement_idThis parameter contains the settlement ID of the transaction.202110181245
amount_settledThis parameter contains the amount settled to the merchant.10.00
UTR_noThis parameter contains the merchant Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number.N223211598444659
value_dateThis parameter contains the date when the refund took place or when the amount is reflected in merchant account in this parameter, where the date format is YYYY-MM-DD.2020-10-20