This documentation includes the APIs related to Partner Program Integration. It is recommended to use the APIs in this documentation as described in the following flow diagram:

List of APIs

The APIs which must be used in various parts of the above flow diagram are listed in the following table:

Get TokenGet Token API
Create and Update Merchant 
Create MerchantCreate Merchant API
Update and Submit Bank DetailsAdd or Update Bank Details API
Update MerchantUpdate Merchant Details API
Verify Bank Details and KYC 
Get MerchantGet Merchant API
Verify and Link MerchantVerify and Link Merchant API
Penny VerificationPenny Verify API
User Token APIs 
Verify OTPVerify OTP API
Manage KYC 
List of Documents RequiredInfo KYC Document API
Upload Documents for KYCCreate KYC Document
Delete KYC DocumentsDelete KYC Document API
Post CKYC to PayUPost CKYC API
Upload Aadhaar Details in XML formatUpload Aadhaar XML Offline API
E-Sign Flow APIs 
Generate Merchant Agreement for E-signGenerate Merchant Agreement for E-sign API
Send OTP to Merchant (Required for Signing the Agreement)Send OTP to Signatory Email API
E-Sign the Merchant Agreement DocumentE-Sign Merchant Agreement API