Settlement Reconciliation API

This API reconciles the settlements for a given parent mid and specified period (date range).



Request parameters

Merchant key
varchar The merchant key is included in this parameter.Your Test Key
varchar The API command name get_settlement_details_range must be included in this parameter.get_settlement_details_range
varchar The hash string encryption is specified in this parameter. The format of the hash is:
string key|command|var1|salt Where var1 is the date is the date range.
string tXjTgO
var1: datefrom
varchar The parameter contains the date on which the range starts or particular date.2022-08-22
var2: dateTo
varchar The parameter contains the end date until which the statement is required.2022-08-25
var3: aggregator
boolean This parameter can contain any of the following values:
- true: It will return the information of the children as well.
- false: It will return the information of the parent only.
var4: page
integerThis parameter can include the page number that is used if the API returns several pages as a result 2

Sample request

curl -X POST ""
-H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d

Response parameters

rowsThe number of rows returned.2
messageThe summary of the response that includes the number of settlements and date of them.2 Settlements found for the 2022-07-23T00:00 and 2022-07-26T23:59:59.999999999
statusThis response can contain any of the following:
- 1 if API call is a success
- 0 in case of failure you'll get system handled failure reasons in this case
resultThis parameter contains the settlements in a JSON format. For detailed information, refer to result JSON Fields Description. Refer to Sample Response
guid This parameter contains the geographically unique ID of the transaction.
sessionId This parameter contains the session ID of the transaction
errorCodeThis parameter contains the error code if the transaction had failed. The error can be any of the following: | Please pass valid merchant key

result JSON fields description

The result parameter contains the following fields in a JSON format:

settlementIdThis field contains the settlement ID8599910202207241245
settlementCompletedDateThis field contains the settlement completion date and time.2022-07-23 17:35:06
settlementAmountThis field contains the settlement amount to the child merchant.122185.00
merchantIdThis field contains the child merchant ID.8599910
utrNumberThis field contains the merchant Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number.ijklmn
transactionThis field contains the transaction details in a JSON format. For more information, refer to transaction JSON Fields Description.Refer to Sample Response
utrnumberThis field contains the unique transaction number of the transaction.123456

transaction JSON fields description

The transaction field contains the following fields in a JSON format:

actionThis field contains the purpose of the transaction. This field can contain any of the following values:
- Capture
- Adjustment_credit
- Adjustment_debit
- Refund
- Failed
payuIdThis field contains the PayU ID of the child merchant.ADJ122538
transactionAmountThis field contains the transaction amount that needs to be settled.6942.00
merchantServiceFeeThis field contains the merchant service fee.8.0000
merchantServiceTaxThis field contains merchant service tax.8.0000
merchantNetAmountThis field contains the net amount settled to the merchant. 
cgstThis field contains the CGST amount part of the transaction. 
igstThis field contains the IGST amount pat of the transation 
transactionsgstThis field contains the SGST part of the transaction 
merchantTransactionIdThis field contains the merchant transaction IDADJ122538

For Adjustment Status Transactions

adjustmentTypeThis field contains the adjustment typecredit
referenceIdThis field contains the reference ID.1
blockTypeThis field contains the block type. 
adjustmentAction TDR Adjustment

For Adjustment Credit Status Transactions

modeThis field contains the payment mode for the
cardTypeThis field contains the card type used for the transaction. 
paymentStatusThis field contains the payment status to the child merchant.inProgress
transactionDateThis field contains the transaction date and time.2022-07-23 01:45:43
requestedAmountThis field contains the amount requested by the child merchant.6942.00
requestDateThis field contains the date when the child merchant requested the amount.2022-07-23 01:45:43
bankNameThis field contains the bank involved in card, Net Banking or UPI transaction. 
tokenThis field contains the card token if the card is tokenised. 

For Refund Status Transactions

paymentIdThis field contains the payment ID of the transaction.58871981
refundStatusThis field contains the refund statusrefundinprogress
paymentAddedOnThis field contains the date when the payment was added on.2017-12-08
paymentAmountThis field contains the payment amount.200.00
saleAmountThis field contains the original sale amount.200.00

Sample response

  "rows": 2,
  "message": "2 Settlements found for the 2022-07-23T00:00 and 2022-07-26T23:59:59.999999999",
  "status": 1,
  "result": [
      "settlementId": "8599910202207241245",
      "settlementCompletedDate": "2022-07-23 17:35:06",
      "settlementAmount": "122185.00",
      "merchantId": 8599910,
      "utrNumber": "ijklmn",
      "transaction": [
          "action": "Adjustment_credit",
          "payuId": "ADJ122538",
          "transactionAmount": "6942.00",
          "merchantNetAmount": "",
          "cgst": "",
          "igst": "",
          "sgst": "",
          "merchantTransactionId": "ADJ122538",
          "mode": "credit",
          "cardType": "",
          "paymentStatus": "inProgress",
          "transactionDate": "2022-07-23 01:45:43",
          "requestedAmount": "6942.00",
          "requestDate": "2022-07-23 01:45:43",
          "bankName": "",
          "token": ""
      "settlementId": "8597923202207251245",
      "settlementCompletedDate": "2022-07-23 17:40:06",
      "settlementAmount": "18.88",
      "merchantId": 8593059,
      "utrNumber": "abcdef",
      "transaction": [
          "action": "capture",
          "payuId": "15553396797",
          "parentPayuId": "15553211345",
          "requestId": "10801247706",
          "transactionAmount": "4.72",
          "merchantServiceFee": "8.0000",
          "merchantServiceTax": "8.0000",
          "merchantNetAmount": "4.7200",
          "cgst": "0.00000",
          "igst": "1.44000",
          "sgst": "0.00000",
          "merchantTransactionId": "216245453",
          "paymentStatus": "captured",
          "transactionDate": "2022-07-23 10:15:43",
          "requestedAmount": "14.16",
          "requestDate": "2022-07-23 10:15:38",
          "bankName": "IDBB"
          "action": "capture",
          "payuId": "15553398000",
          "parentPayuId": "15553287497",
          "requestId": "10801248633",
          "transactionAmount": "4.72",
          "merchantServiceFee": "8.0000",
          "merchantServiceTax": "8.0000",
          "merchantNetAmount": "4.7200",
          "cgst": "0.00000",
          "igst": "1.44000",
          "sgst": "0.00000",
          "merchantTransactionId": "216249103",
          "paymentStatus": "captured",
          "transactionDate": "2022-07-23 10:15:53",
          "requestedAmount": "14.16",
          "requestDate": "2022-07-23 10:15:48",
          "bankName": "BOIB"