Get Checkout Details API

API Command: get_checkout_details

The Get Checkout Details (get_checkout_details) API is a generic API using which they can get information when you create the custom checkout pages, that will contain the payment options, offers, recommendations, and downtime details. The API provides the following details: 

  • Payment option details: The extended details for each payment option are available for the merchant.
  • Additional charges: The additional charges are configured for all payment options.
  • eligibility details
  • Downtime details: The downtime status of the payment options.

Reference information for request parameters

keyFor more information on how to generate the Key and Salt, refer to any of the following:

- Production: Generate Merchant Key and Salt
- Test: Generate Test Merchant Key and Salt
hashHash logic for this API is:
var1For JSON fields description, refer to var1 JSON fields description.

var1 JSON fields description

JSON FieldDescriptionExample
String This parameter must contain the request ID.12345678
JSON This parameter must contain the following fields in a JSON format as in the example:
- amount: This field contains the transaction amount
- txnid: This fields contains the transaction ID.
 { "amount": 12345.12 }
JSON This field contains list of fields for which you want get information. For the list of fields and its description, refer to the Additional Info for General APIs > useCase JSON Field Description. table. { "getExtendedPaymentDetails": true }
JSONThis parameter is used to filter the response of this API based on one or more following in the paymentOptions field:
- cc: Filter the credit cards.
- dc: Filter the debit cards.
- nb: Filter the Net Banking
- emi: Filter the EMI options. For list of EMI options, refer to EMI Options for Get Checkout Details API.
- upi: Filter the UPI
- cash: Filter the wallets
{ "paymentOptions": { "emi": { "dc": "SBIN,KKBK,ICIC" } } }

Request parameters



For JSON fields description with use cases and examples, refer to Additional Info for General APIs.

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