Get Merchant Credentials API

The Get Merchant Credentials API is used to perform the following:

  • Used to get the merchant credentials to generate the API Key and Salt
  • Authorized using the Client ID and Client Secret to generate the access token

The merchant ID in the request header must be included as a query parameter in the mid field.


Test Environment
Production Environment



The access token with the scope as read_merchant_reseller from is required on the header. For more information on getting the access token, refer to Get Token API.

Sample request
curl --location --request GET '{{partner_base_url}}api/v1/merchants/{{merchant_id}}/credential' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer w0282c38b64e072f3d66e4e6efee9789ffe1250f0cd04c20753d6e6f25df9cc7'
Sample response

Success Scenario

  "data": {
    "credentials": {
      "prod_key": "JPM7Fg",
      "prod_salt": "a*******"

Failure Scenarios

  • When the token is invalid
  "status": "Unauthorized"
  • When credentials were incorrect for a referred merchant
  "status": "Unauthorized"

Request parameters

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