Partner Category List

Business category

Business Category
Professional Services
Real Estate
Educational Services
Financial Services
Personal Services
Online MarketPlace
Fashion and Accessories
Food & Groceries
Electronics, Furniture & Home Products
Construction & Industrial Products
Arts, Gifts & Stationery
Digital Products
Travel and Transportation
IT Services
Bill Payments

Business entity type

IndividualAnyone who wants to collect payments directly to his/her bank account
LLPA partnership in which some or all partners have limited liabilities. It therefore can exhibit elements of partnerships and corporations. In an LLP, each partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence
PartnershipA partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations.
Each partner is entitled to share the net profits of the business. A contract need not provide for equal shares. It may depend upon how much the partner has invested.
Partners are jointly and severally responsible for all the debts and obligations of the business without any limit, including loss and damages arising from wrongful acts or omissions of their fellow partners and potential liability to third parties.
Private LimitedA private limited company is any type of business entity in "private" ownership. A private company is owned entirely by a relatively small group of individuals or other entities providing capital.
Public LimitedA Public Limited Company is a company that has limited liability and offers shares to the general public.
It's stock can be acquired by anyone, either privately through (IPO) initial public offering or via trades on the stock market.
SocietySeveral individuals combine using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal purpose.
Societies are usually registered for the advancement of charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc.
Sole ProprietorshipA sole proprietorship, also known as the sole trader, individual entrepreneurship or proprietorship, is a type of enterprise that is owned and run by one person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity.
TrustA trust is an organization where the owner (trustor) decides to transfer the right of his property to a second person called trustee so that the third person (beneficiary) can take the benefit out of it.
There are two types of trust. A public trust (charitable trust) is created for the benefit of the general public whereas a private trust is created for the benefit of a particular group of individuals known as the beneficiary.

Business sub-category list

Business CategoryBusiness Sub Category
Professional ServicesLegal
Professional ServicesJobs
Professional ServicesBusiness Consulting
Professional ServicesAstrology
Professional ServicesPhotography
Professional ServicesArchitects, Interior designers, etc.
Professional ServicesMatrimony
Professional ServicesVisa Services
Professional ServicesReports, Survey, etc
Professional ServicesCareer Counselling
Professional ServicesAppointments (Salons, Spa, etc.)
Professional ServicesAdvertising
Professional ServicesAccounting and Tax
Professional ServicesTherapists
Professional ServicesMaintenance and Repair services
Professional ServicesOthers
Professional ServicesPest Control
Professional ServicesCounselling Services
Professional ServicesAccounting Services
Professional ServicesLegal Services
Professional ServicesCleaning Services
Professional ServicesAdvertising Services
Professional ServicesOther Professional Services
Professional ServicesPublishing & Printing
Professional ServicesArchitecture and Interior Design
Professional ServicesSecurity and Surveillance
Real EstateBooking amount
Real EstateRepayment (Loans)
Real EstateOthers
Real EstateRental/Sales - housing and commercial
Educational ServicesSchools
Educational ServicesColleges
Educational ServicesUniversities
Educational ServicesCourses, Training and Workshops
Educational ServicesTutorials
Educational ServicesERP for schools and colleges
Educational ServicesOthers
Educational ServicesOther Educational Services
Educational ServicesColleges & Universities
GovernmentProperty Tax
GovernmentWater Tax
GovernmentPolitical Party
GovernmentTax & Fines
GovernmentGovernment Services
Financial ServicesWallet
Financial ServicesBanks
Financial ServicesLoans (Repayment)
Financial ServicesForex
Financial ServicesMoney Transfer
Financial ServicesMutual Funds
Financial ServicesStock broking and advisory
Financial ServicesOthers
Financial ServicesBanks, loans/credit etc.
Financial ServicesStock Brokers and Mutual Funds
Financial ServicesInsurance
Financial ServicesForex services, money orders
Financial ServicesInsurance - Marketing
Financial ServicesWallet loading services
Donations/CrowdfundingMembership Organisations
Donations/CrowdfundingPolitical Organisations
Donations/CrowdfundingReligious Organisations
EntertainmentMovie Theatres / Tickets
EntertainmentDance Halls
EntertainmentAmusement Parks
EntertainmentGame Arcades
Personal ServicesAstrologers
Personal ServicesHeating, Plumbing, AC Services
Personal ServicesPet Shops & Pet Foods
Personal ServicesFarm Management Services
Personal ServicesBeauty and Barber Shops
Personal ServicesPhotographic Studios
Personal ServicesMatrimonial Services
Personal ServicesGardening Services
Personal ServicesOther Personal Services
Personal ServicesFuneral Services and Crematories
Online MarketPlaceOnline MarketPlace
Fashion and AccessoriesKids clothing and accessories
Fashion and AccessoriesCosmetics
Fashion and AccessoriesWomen's clothing
Fashion and AccessoriesJewellery
Fashion and AccessoriesShoes
Fashion and AccessoriesFamily Clothing Stores
Fashion and AccessoriesClothing & Accessories
Fashion and AccessoriesLuggage and Leather goods
Fashion and AccessoriesMen's clothing
Fashion and AccessoriesSunglasses and eyewear
Fashion and AccessoriesSports Apparel
Food & GroceriesMeat Stores
Food & GroceriesRestaurants/Food Delivery/Takeaways
Food & GroceriesBakeries
Food & GroceriesConfectionery
Food & GroceriesGrocery/ Supermarket
Food & GroceriesBars and Nightclubs
Food & GroceriesGourmet and Other food stores
Food & GroceriesDairy Products
AutomobilesBicycle Shops - Sales and Service
AutomobilesMotorcycle Shops and Dealers
AutomobilesCars Sales
AutomobilesFarm Automobile and Accessories
AutomobilesParts & Accessories
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsHousehold Appliance Stores
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsFurniture Store
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsNursery Supplies
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsHome Furnishing
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsElectronics
Electronics, Furniture & Home ProductsFurniture leasing
Construction & Industrial ProductsChemicals Products
Construction & Industrial ProductsPlumbing and Heating Equipment
Construction & Industrial ProductsConstruction Materials
Construction & Industrial ProductsHardware Stores
Construction & Industrial ProductsPaints Supplies
Construction & Industrial ProductsIndustrial Supplies
Construction & Industrial ProductsElectrical Parts
Construction & Industrial ProductsGlass and Wallpaper Stores
Arts, Gifts & StationeryFlorists
Arts, Gifts & StationeryArt and Craft Supply
Arts, Gifts & StationeryHobby, Toy, and Game Shops
Arts, Gifts & StationerySporting Goods Stores
Arts, Gifts & StationeryArt Dealers and Galleries
Arts, Gifts & StationeryGifts and Souvenir Shops
Arts, Gifts & StationeryStationery and School Supply Stores
Arts, Gifts & StationeryBook Stores
Digital ProductsDigital Media - Books, Magazines etc
Digital ProductsOnline games
EventsEvents & Conferences
HealthcareVeterinary Services
HealthcareNutrition and Supplements
HealthcareOptical Goods
HealthcareDoctors and Physicians
HealthcareHospital Equipments & Supplies
HealthcareOther Healthcare services
HealthcareLaboratories and diagnostics services
HealthcareDrug Stores and Pharmacies
Travel and TransportationCabs
Travel and TransportationMovers and Packers
Travel and TransportationTravel Agencies
Travel and TransportationCruises
Travel and TransportationMetros/Railways
Travel and TransportationCourier Services
Travel and TransportationHotels & Lodges
Travel and TransportationAirlines
Travel and TransportationBus
Travel and TransportationOther Transportation Services
IT ServicesComputer Maintenance
IT ServicesComputers Equipment and Software
IT ServicesWeb hosting & IT Services
IT ServicesMobile Applications
IT ServicesComputer Software Stores
Bill PaymentsInternet service Providers
Bill PaymentsMobile Recharge and Landline Bills
Bill PaymentsCable TV services
Bill PaymentsOther Bill Payments