Get All Refunds from Transaction IDs

The Get All Refunds for a Transaction ID API (getAllRefundsFromTxnIds) command is used to retrieve the status of all the refund requests fired for a particular Transaction ID. The output of this API provides the request ID, and the PG used the status of a refund request and the creation of refund date information.

Reference information for request parameters

keyFor more information on how to generate the Key and Salt, refer to any of the following:

- Production: Generate Merchant Key and Salt
- Test: Generate Test Merchant Key and Salt
hashHash logic for this API is:

Response parameters description and sample response

statusThe status of the response can be any of the following:
- 1: Success
- 2: Failure
msgThe description of the response whether the card details were stored successfully or not.Refunds fetched successfully.
Refund DetailsThe details are sent by PayU in JSON format for the successful response. For more information, refer to Additional Info for General APIs.



For sample response, refer to Additional Info for General APIs.

Request parameters

Example values

Use the following sample values while trying out the API:

  • var1 (txnid): db97dd56eff7296e5061
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