Verify Payment API

API Command: verify_payment

The Verify Payment (verify_payment) API gives you the status of the transaction. PayU recommends using this API to reconcile with PayU’s database after you receive the response, where var1 is your transaction ID.

Reference information for request parameters

keyFor more information on how to generate the Key and Salt, refer to any of the following:

- Production: Generate Merchant Key and Salt
- Test: Generate Test Merchant Key and Salt
hashHash logic for this API is:

Response parameters and sample response

For the response parameters and sample response, refer to Additional Info for General APIs.

To learn more about the possible error codes and their description, refer to Error Codes.

Request parameters

Sample values

Use the following sample values while trying out the API:

  • var1 (your transaction ID/order ID): 7fa6c4783a363b3da573
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