Error Codes - Pre-Authorize Payment

ScenarioError codeStringRecommendations
Queue State102Capture Request Queued
Failed Transaction109Capture failed
Capture Transaction is Queued & acknowledged at PayU’s end102Capture Request QueuedAdvice is to invoke the check action status API to get final status
Capture transaction is in successful state100Capture Request QueuedTransaction is in successful state
If multiple captures request sent corresponding to one transaction109Capture failedPayU’s has idempotency check which means PayU will not do multiple captures corresponding to one transaction.
If request get time out-Capture Request QueuedRecommendation is to retrigger the capture call.
Rate Limit breached-Requests limit reached
Transaction not exist-Transaction not existsTo check if auth is successfully done or if correct merchant transaction id is sent
Failure106Token already exists.
Failure109Request is already logged
Failure111Invalid transaction status
Failure116Transaction Not Found
Failure120Transaction lock could not be obtained.
Failure301Capture already successful for this transaction
Failure303Amount greater than maximum capturable amount
Failure304Amount less than allowed
Failure305Amount more than allowed
Failure306Invalid amount tolerance configuration