Bill Validation API

This API can be used by all the BBPS and Connect billers who support the following validation options: 

  • Optional
  • Mandatory


Test Environment .
Production EnvironmentContact your Account Manager to get access to the production environment



Send the scope of the Get Token API as create_transactions to obtain the access_token for this request. For more information, refer to Get Token API - BBPS.

Sample request
curl --location -g --request POST 'https://<hostName>/payu-nbc/v2/nbc/paymentValidation?agentId={agentId}&billerId={billerId}&customerName={customerName}'&customerParams={ "<param1>": <value1>", "<param2>": "<value2>" }&customer&PhoneNumber={contact number}&deviceDetails={ "INITIATING_CHANNEL": "INT", "IP": "<ip>","MAC": "<mac>" }&"customerPhoneNumber": "<contact number>&deviceDetails={ "INITIATING_CHANNEL": "INT","IP": "<ip>", "MAC": "<mac>" } 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}' 
Sample response

Success scenario

  "code": 200, 
  "status": "SUCCESS", 
  "payload": { 
    "refId": "<reference ID>", 
    "timeStamp": "<yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss>", 
    "amount": "<amount to be paid>" 

Failure scenario

  "code": 600, 
  "status": "FAILURE", 
  "payload": { 
    "errors": [ 
        "reason": "<error Message>", 
        "errorCode": "<Error Code>" 
    "refId": <Reference Id>, 
    "type": "payment_validation ", 
    "message": "payment_validation_request_failed ", 
    "additionalParams": null 

Request Parameters

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