One-Time Mandate Consent Transaction using PayU Hosted Checkout

To make an One-Time Mandate transaction, you must post the SI=4 instead of SI=1 in case of payment consent transaction. You will share the billing details such as billing amount, start date, end date, billing interval, billing currency, billing cycle, etc. using the _payment API. After your user is redirected to the PayU Checkout page, all the eligible autopay payment modes will have Register AutoDebit option in specific section along with the enabled payment modes.



  • You need to enable the one-time mandate on PayU Dashboard as per your requirements. For example, you want only UPI and cards instead of ENACH to be listed for the register auto-debit feature.
  • The request parameters includes SI=4 , but rest of the parameters and response remains the same as in Payment Consent Transaction. For more information, refer to Payment Consent Transaction using PayU Hosted Checkout.


Request Parameters

The request parameters for the one-time mandate includes SI=4 and rest of the parameter remains the same. For more information, refer to Payment Consent Transaction using PayU Hosted Checkout.

Sample Request

curl -X POST ""-H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d"key=JP***g&txnid=fM3O2HnkpJ8XEC&amount=100.00&firstname=PayU User&[email protected]&phone=9876543210&productinfo=iPhone&si=4&surl={“billingAmount”: “100.00”,”billingCurrency”: “INR”,”billingCycle”: “MONTHLY”,”billingInterval”: 1,”paymentStartDate”: “2022-09-01″,”paymentEndDate”: “2022-12-01”}&hash=2ad878f64de47c7c1149ff554cd00ee44555a8512a1d2cff9690d6ea3c9d9de0bc44b0e77c61dd60a3c64ef970612a9b71761559aa202d2a278d29dc87b998c5"

Sample Response

The response URL returned from PayU is in the form URL format (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

Parsed response

    [mihpayid] => 403993715525331373
    [mode] => ENACH
    [status] => success
    [unmappedstatus] => captured
    [key] => JPM7Fg
    [txnid] => oRWSUMU4XSQBZn
    [amount] => 100.00
    [discount] => 0.00
    [net_amount_debit] => 0
    [addedon] => 2022-02-03 19:06:55
    [productinfo] => iPhone
    [firstname] => Ashish
    [lastname] => 
    [address1] => 
    [address2] => 
    [city] => 
    [state] => 
    [country] => 
    [zipcode] => 
    [email] => [email protected]
    [phone] => 9876543210
    [udf1] => 
    [udf2] => 
    [udf3] => 
    [udf4] => 
    [udf5] => 
    [udf6] => 
    [udf7] => 
    [udf8] => 
    [udf9] => 
    [udf10] => 
    [hash] => f3f8e4088231b190930fc4b87d3f39397d1a1d02622ef4683a983244e1cd5158f39adbb67c3d87dcb4da25ae4a941ebbf55918e4575fa1c39677a774d02c0d2d
    [field1] => ENACH285259747472911093
    [field2] => 337026657857179355
    [field3] => 
    [field4] => 
    [field5] => 
    [field6] => 
    [field7] => 
    [field8] => 
    [field9] => Mandate successfully scheduled at bank end: Your payment is scheduled successfully
    [payment_source] => sist
    [bank_ref_num] => 450699821592111537
    [bankcode] => ICICENCC
    [error] => E000
    [error_Message] => No Error