Release Updates

New Products/Features

  • PayPal Integration: Integrate with Paypal wallet to accept payments from your customers.

  • BNPL Link and Pay: Allow your customers to checkout in click and pay later with BNPL with no hidden charges, while you get paid upfront. You can integrate with PayU’s Pay Later API to enable the 1-click checkout feature on the payment page, across BNPLs that support link and pay flow.

  • PayU Maximizer: Switch between payment aggregators so that your customers will not do cart dropout. They can make payment with any of the payment aggregators they have configured when your preferred payment aggregator is down or not working.

    • PayU
    • PayTM
    • CCAvenue
    • Pine Labs
    • CashFree
    • Razor Pay
    • Freecharge

  For the list payment methods supported for each payment aggregator by PayU while switching, refer to Supported Platforms for Maximizer.

  • PayU Hexa-Wallet: Power your business with a white-labelled prepaid instrument by integrating with PayU Hexa-Wallet APIs. This integration facilitates day-to-day buying/selling, issuing brand loyalty cards, fund transfers, and other financial transactions. It’s a powerful tool for improving your customer retention, increasing brand awareness, and enabling frictionless one-click payments.

  • WhatsApp Integration: Collect payments from your customer on WhatsApp platform. You can expand your customer base who are on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp messaging capabilities, collect payments using send payment links, remind customers when they abandon cart, etc.

  • PayU Checkout Express: A checkout solution designed for you to store and retrieve phone numbers and addresses. This facilitate a smooth checkout experience, provides extended details for each payment option, additional charges, and downtime details.

API Updates

APIRelease Description
NB_mandate_status APICheck the Net Banking Mandate Status API enables you to understand the current state of the mandate with ENACH at any time.