Features/Updates since June 2023

Product/API Updates

Product/APIRelease Description
Eligible BINs for EMI v2.0You can use the Eligible BINs for EMI v2.0 with or without bank selection. For more information, refer to Eligible BINs for EMI – Version 2.0.
Toggle to Live or Test mode on DashboardYou can switch to Live (Production) or Test (Sandbox) environment using the drop-down list on the header of the Dashboard. ![](https://devguide.payu.in/wordpress/index.php/wp-json/getobject?keyname=uploads/2022/10/getobject-2.png Note: This feature is available only for merchants onboarded from August 3rd, 2023.
WooCommerce Plugin v5.5.2A new version 5.5.2 of the plugin for WooCommerce has been released and is available on PayU Github. For more information, refer to Install Plugin for WooCommerce.
3DS 2.0 for Mobile SDKPower native experience on the new 3DS 2.0 protocol for card transactions. For more information, refer to 3DS 2.0 SDK Integration.
Recommendation Engine for Mobile SDKPayU Global Vault + Recommendation engine, payment instruments are accessible across merchants.  For more information, refer to Global Vault Recommendation Engine
Affordability WidgetEmbed widgets to display available affordability options on your product page. For more information, refer to Affordability Widget.
Interakt for WhatsApp Business pluginCollect payments from your customers. through WhatsApp by installing the Interakt plugin. For more information, refer to Interakt for WhatsApp Business.
Native OTP Flow for BNPL and EMISubmit OTP for your customers without redirecting to the bank page using the Native OTP Flow (Zero Redirection Flow). For more information, BNPL Integration or EMI Integration.
Low Code Web SDKsIntroducing Low Code Web SDKs for JAVA, PHP, and NodeJS. For more information, refer to Low Code Web SDK.
Custom Browser, UPI, and Code SDKs for React NativeThe Custom Browser, UPI, and Code SDK are available for React Native. For more information, refer to React Native SDKs docs.
Tokenization > API NotificationsThe API notifications enable you to know the status of the user’s tokenized card. There are four variations or types of notifications that you can receive from PayU. For more information, refer to API Notifications for Tokenization.
Split Settlements > Convenience FeeConvenience fee handling is implemented in Split Settlements so the aggregators can collect convenience fees while splitting the transactions. For more information, refer to Convenience Fee Handling.
_payment APIThe hash algorithm changes for _payment API version 14 release were included in the PayU Hosted and Merchant Hosted Checkout integration under Offers Integration docs.

November 2023

Following sections were added:

September 2023

August 2023

July 2023

  • The procedure to generate or view the Test or Production Key and Salt is updated to accommodate the drop-down list added to switch between Live Mode and Test Mode. This is applicable for merchants registered from August 3rd, 2023. For more information, refer to Generate Test Merchant Key and Salt or Generate Merchant Key and Salt.

June 2023

  • The Recommendation Engine is designed to help you to improve the overall conversion by:
    • improving payment success rates
    • reducing user drops
    • minimizing the average time taken by users to complete the payment

For more information, refer to Recommendation Engine.

  • You can reuse the PayU Hosted Checkout integration to seamlessly collect payment from your Android/iOS app. For the detailed procedure, refer to WebView for Mobile Apps.
  • Webhooks FAQs were added to the General FAQs.
  • More FAQs were added to Web Checkout FAQs.